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Pest England Henley-on-Thames Pest Control Services

 Quick response time​

 Protect your home from pest infestation

 Competitive local rates

 24/7 emergency services

 Very discreet

Wasps nests removal

Rats and mice control

Bed Bug extermination

Complete riddance or your money back

Call now on 07401 063258

Pest England has dedicated Henley-on-Thames pest control technicians to remove pest infestations and problems in and around your property. We have pest technicians with 40 years of experience who can remove those pesky pests.

Pest Control - regulation or management of a species defined as a pest, that impacts adver

Rats, Mice and Squirrels

Pest England Pest Controllers is here to help you keep your business or home free from pesky rodents. We provide comprehensive services to remove rats, mice, and squirrels from your property. Our Henley-on-Thames Pest Control team of experienced professionals is well-equipped to help you get rid of these pests quickly and effectively, so don't hesitate to give us a call today and let us help you make your home or business safe again.

Wasps Nest Removal

Pest England Pest Controllers are here to help with all of your pest control needs, especially when it comes to wasps nests. During the summer months, wasps can form nests in your garden or even in your home, creating an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous environment. Our Henley-on-Thames Pest Control team of experienced professionals use the latest treatments to help you get rid of any wasp nests, so you can enjoy your home or garden again. Contact us today and let us help take care of your pest control needs.

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Bed bugs and fleas

At Pest England, we understand just how difficult flea infestations can be to get rid of. That's why we use the best solutions available to effectively eradicate your flea problem. Our Henley-on-Thames Pest Control team are dedicated to making sure that your home is flea-free and safe to live in.

At Pest England, we provide a comprehensive bed bug treatment service to help you get rid of these unwanted pests. Our experienced team uses the latest technology and advanced treatments to effectively eradicate bed bugs from your home or property. We guarantee to rid your property of bed bugs quickly and effectively, so you can rest easy knowing that your home or business is safe from these pests.


High St, Stanford in the Vale, Faringdon SN7 8LH,

07401 063258

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